About The Luis Sottil Foundation

The Luis Sottil Foundation was formed to join the fight against terminal diseases in children, bringing them joy and hope as well as essential financial support so they can have the best opportunity to survive. This task is accomplished by enriching the cultural environment of different communities in the United States and Mexico through the promotion of the arts.

With this in mind, the Luis Sottil Foundation created the Art for Life Project. It is designed to uplift the spirit of hospitalized children afflicted with devastating diseases including cancer and AIDS among others. In Sottil’s own words: “It is at the core of human decency and kindness to offer a child compassion, healing and hope throughout their courageous fight.”

Artist Luis Sottil visits various hospitals in order to bring children, nurses, doctors and social volunteers together to paint hearts. Through this process of joy and color, these young fighters are asked to share their thoughts on what they want to be when they grow up and to paint a smiling face inside each heart which represents the person they will become later on in life.

For a moving moment they are able to escape from their unfortunate routine while painting the emotions of love and hope within each heart.

Sottil will later add some of their own emotions to each heart so they can be presented for auction during magical evenings where thousands of people gather together to celebrate art for life, hoping to adopt a child’s heart and bring it home.

All contributions are later applied to the critical care of the same children who painted these priceless hearts.

In Sottil’s own words: “If a work of art is one that evokes emotion then these hearts are exceptionally unique in that they represent a fragile child’s enduring legacy of admirable courage and hope.”

The Luis Sottil Foundation invites you to become ambassadors of courage and hope by adopting a child’s heart in order to share their legacy for generations to come.