Nemour’s Children’s Hospital: Orlando, FL



Sottil has begun the creation of a segmented mural consisting of 33 connecting square paintings depicting the roots, trunk and branches of a tree, with a series of “Hearts of Hope,” painted by hospitalized children from the magnificent Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida. The hearts are the children’s painted hopes and dreams blooming off of the branches.

The tree will be a living testimony of the strength and unity of the Orlando community who have come together to nourish its growth with compassion, kindness and love. The idea is that the roots of the tree originate at the base of the mural in the hospital, then the branches with the blooming hearts will extend throughout the assigned wall.

The most important aspect of the tree is its legacy of a unified community in its effort to bring healing and hope to our little heroes through the adoption of additional connecting squares, or paintings, which will hang in corporations or in people’s homes.

You will soon be able to acquire any number of squares, according to the size of your contribution, and create your own branch that will be traced back to the tree at Nemours since all paintings will be interconnected through the tree branches.

As Sottil states, “A tree is known by what it sprouts, and there could be no greater blossom than that of a child’s vision of hope: a revelation of a dream.” He continues, “To have hope is to have it all, and even if you lose everything you may still have hope.”