Sottil’s Public Installation “A Celebration of Life”


Sottil recently celebrated the installation of the largest mural he has ever created.  It is located at one of Atlanta’s amazing examples of modern architecture built to house the new Mi Cocina Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.

The mural, measuring 9 x 44 feet, was applied over a challenging curved wall and it includes three layered panels placed strategically throughout, creating a three dimensional effect as if the subjects in the composition were coming out, inviting the viewer to interact with the emotions of nature. The composition continues into the mezzanine level with two hanging fresco’s suspended from the ceiling, creating a continuous visual flow. The romantically inspired project, and its strong elements, result in a high level of visual impact.

The entire project which is titled “A Celebration of Life” represents Mexico and Georgia’s inspiring natural beauty in celebration of two invigorating cultures 

It is because of Sottil’s belief that it is in nature where we find serenity to restore our spirit, and joy to renew our enthusiasm for living, that he has chosen a combination of inspiring elements from the flora and fauna of Mexico and the state of Georgia for his latest creation.

 Among the elements in the composition you will find Georgia’s state butterfly, the eastern tiger swallowtail, and the native indigo bunting blue bird. He simultaneously incorporated a large number of colorful Mexican flowers all depicted on an abundant background of Georgia peaches.

Sottil states, “You will always find an opportunity to be inspired by nature’s behavioral patterns. It is no coincidence that we are meant to coexist in harmony with one another.”

 What inspired Sottil to paint the eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly, besides its amazing beauty, is that they feed from the nectar of a large variety of flowers native to Europe, Africa, Asia and Mexico. Coincidentally, Atlanta’s vibrantly diverse community comes from these very same cultures. His inspiration to depict the indigo bunting bird comes from the fact that they migrate at night, using the stars for direction and guidance. This fact is of great symbolic meaning to Sottil since he believes that the stars were created as a permanent testimony in the sky of those who make a significant difference and shine through life.