About Sottil

                                  LUIS SOTTIL

Born and raised in Tampico, Mexico, Sottil has devoted his life to capturing the emotions of nature’s beauty.  He enjoys a special relationship with the splendid wealth of his native flora and fauna that he likes to share with the world through his paintings, as well as his Talavera sculptures and leather creations.

With the purpose to give voice to his enthusiasm for nature, Sottil created the internationally renowned process of painting that he named Naturalismo. Sottil’s originality of expression is a song to life that has been heard, with melodic rhythm, around the globe, to the extent that a number of notable universities have now incorporated Sottil’s Naturalismo into their academic curriculum.

Given his mission to recreate the way nature feels, not necessarily the way nature looks, Sottil photographs, takes meticulous notes and contemplates in the natural habitat of his subjects, collecting natural pigments of unparalleled depth and intensity from the same environments where his studies take place.

With the use of a variety of natural colorant matters, like the penetrating blue from the cochinilla insect, dramatic purple hues derived from the beet vegetable, and invigorating orange tones extracted from the achiote seed, among many others, Sottil appeals to humankind’s appetite for the splendid beauty of our natural world.

Sottil is the first Latin American artist to be invited by the Walt Disney Corporation to become an official Disney fine artist. The proposal to merge the enchantment of Naturalismo’s artistic expression with the magic of Disney’s legendary stories is at the core of which momentous legacies are made.

Sottil is represented by 15 galleries internationally including three of his own at Disney, Orlando; Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Cuernavaca, Mexico.

His work is part of over 3000 private and corporate collections around the globe including two that make the list of the world’s five most significant: the King Fahd’s Royal Palace collection of Saudi Arabia and the Tupperware corporate art collection, in Orlando Florida.

Sottil is considered by many critics as one of modern times greatest colorists and as a leader in reviving nature’s emotions at intense levels of beauty never before achieved through other forms of art.